The software used to design the app is SKETCH and for prototyping I used a couple of apps like Marvel App, inVision Studio, and SKETCH’s new prototype feature.
First prototype was created in Marvel App, Marvel has good basic transitions, fixed headers, timer transitions, and a nice presentation feature. See prototype { here }
Second prototype was done through SKETCH’s new prototype feature and it has less controls than Marvel App, no fixed nav, no timer transitions, but at least it’s in one program, no need to install a plugin or import your project to a different app. Let’s say it's much quicker to create a prototype despite the limitations. See prototype { here }
Lastly inVision Studio, really exciting and fun program to use however it’s on beta and there has been some a lot glitches in which made things more messy, so I decided to make only one page transition. inVision Studio allows users to make beautiful custom animations for apps and I definitely took advantage of that and imported my SKETCH project to start animating my app. See prototype { here }